Friday, March 7, 2014

Mean, Anonymous Posters Dissected

We have certainly had our share of the mean, anonymous posters surrounding the McStay case for years. These people are commonly called "trolls" and I am sure a name or two comes to mind. This is a great article that examines who these people really are. Is very sad.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Novelist Anne Rice, best known for her books about vampires, has signed onto a petition asking to stop allowing people to post anonymous reviews. In an interview with the Guardian, Rice says the “anti-author gangsters” make her a victim of bullying.
It doesn’t take long to find a cruel, anonymous comment on everything from newspaper websites to Yelp and Amazon.
“That’s the stupidest book I’ve ever read,” wrote one person while reviewing a novel on Amazon.
Well-known vlogger, ZE Frank, recently taped a YouTube video responding to online critics. In it, he says: “For example, some young gentleman said he wanted to punch me in the face because my voice was so annoying.”
A Pew Research study found 25 percent of people admit to posting anonymous comments online. A communications professor at the University of Houston studying the issue found anonymity contributes to less civil discourse. He looked at online comments in newspapers for more than a year and half and found 53 percent of comments were uncivil in papers that allowed anonymity. That percentage dropped to 29 percent when newspapers required names or links to Facebook accounts.


  1. Rick, the is the stupidest ^$%*^&#*#&$%! blog post ever! And I mean that in the meanest way.

    I say, as speaker/writer, speak/write freely. As listener/reader, listener/reader, accept/reject as you see fit, think for yourself, draw your own conclusions.

    I much admire you for having spoken/written freely on the McStay case. In other words, with courage.

  2. But you have been the meanest of them all. Your posts on this case concerned me enough that I reported them to the proper authorities--with full attachments containing copies. Maybe you posted this out of guilt, and these trolls you speak of, are really you.

    1. Did you read the article? It speaks of "anonymous" posters, like you here! You may think some of my posts have been mean, but you have always known my name. What about you? What is your name?

    2. Hahahahaha! Rick, I cannot stop laughing this early Saturday morning. This troll who wrote you are the meanest of them all. They didn't read the story and I fear that this person is just plain dumb too. Was that mean? Listen, they have to be dumb. Anyone who would post a mean comment about you and do so as an 'anon' has lost all touch with reality. I have studied these anons over the past few years (this is what i do in the real world, work in linguistics) and i can assure you that this author has initials DE or JP. Thanks for your response, i still cannot stop laughing.

  3. Rick .. Ignore these "no-cure" crazy people!

  4. Nope, sorry not me. Sorry to disappoint.


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