Wednesday, July 23, 2014

McStay Memorial Bench Fundraiser Canceled – All Donations Have Been Refunded

It has come to our attention from posts such as these below, that Patrick, Mike and Susan want to be in charge of any Memorial Bench for Joey and his family.

Sandra and I have talked at length and both agree that the best thing for us to do now is step aside.

Therefore, we are canceling the fundraiser for the McStay Memorial Bench immediately. 

Below is part of my email communication with Sandra that I thought the readers here would want to see. 

Rick: The reason I initiated this project is because I wanted to do something good so that God would heal my grief and bless me because I just lost my 12 yr. old Australian Shepard named Pippen. I am devastated with her loss and the pain is unbearable. I was thinking if I gave back in a positive way I would get comfort. Now this whole thing is a nightmare and I only wanted to do something considerate for the Joey McStay Family. This is outrageous what has happened.  S

Sandra: First, let me say that my heart goes out to you for your loss of Pippen. Our four-legged family members are truly part of our souls and not just pets. Please understand that Patrick, Susan and Mike do not care about you. They do not care about your loss. They only care about themselves. If they wish to move forward with the memorial bench, that is ok. You are the hero here, Sandra. You forced them to act. It may have taken them eight months to do so, but you are the reason they are now proactive. Thanks for your heart and your sincerity. All these others involved can learn from you.  R


UPDATE: All donations have been refunded. Here is the info from
"Your campaign used our "All Or Nothing" funding model, and the campaign did not reach it's goal, so no funds have been collected, they are simply pre-approvals, which will expire on their own after a certain amount of time. We believe the time frame for these to expire is anywhere up to 6 months, however to find out for sure please contact WePay directly, as they are the Payment Provider and will be able to tell you the time frame. You can reach WePay at 855-GO-WEPAY (855-469-3729). If you want to make sure the transactions expire immediately, you'll need to manually cancel them. Simply go to your campaign's Transactions page and click the cancel link for the transactions you wish to cancel."
I did this tonight. RB
A special thanks to all who have contributed. Some I know did so and were forced to sacrifice as a result. It was never about us, only Joey, Summer, Gianni and Joseph Mateo. Bless you all! RB

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

FACTS About The McStay Case

In preparation for this Sunday night's broadcast, let's start listing FACTS in the comments section. No hearsay, rumor, innuendo or speculation. Only facts. Here is one example of a factoid, or a non-fact:

"The Trooper was parked in the border parking lot on Monday, February 8 at 5p."  (There is absolutely no proof of when the Trooper was parked there.)

CANCELED: The McStay Memorial Bench

Sandra had a scare from San Clemente yesterday. The lady with the city in charge of the memorial benches had been out of the office since Sandra had won approval from the City Council for the McStay bench last week. When she returned to the office, it appeared that all the benches were gone, taken by others who wanted memorials as well. Apparently, there were many others who also wanted the bench after Sandra was able to get the program re-instated by presenting the McStay Memorial to the Council. $5,000 in San Clemente is not much money, a very wealthy area, so the benches were scooped up quickly. It was an edgy day for Sandra until last night when the City confirmed that benches are still available. We do not have one reserved, it is first come first served. So, the sooner we complete our campaign, the better the chance we will get one. If all benches are gone by the time we reach our goal, all donations will be refunded.

In the first 6 days of the McStay Memorial Bench campaign, 59 contributors have raised $2,225 toward our goal of $5,000! Almost half way! This is fantastic! Thanks to all for opening your hearts and pocketbooks. And, thanks to Sandra for spearheading this campaign!

You can go to the site HERE

We are using Fundrazr because it is easier to donate and all funds can be returned in the event we do not raise the $5,000 goal. I believe we will raise it very quickly.

Sunday Night's Upcoming Show: 'Facts, Mike McStay, No Remorse'

The first hour: This case has been poisoned by the Internet. Rumors, innuendo, speculation. In the first hour of the show, callers will present only "facts" of the case. This will help us develop a timeline that is desperately needed.
The second hour we will examine all of Mike McStay's media quotes over the past four years. Do they add up? Has he not been given a fair shake in what he has said to the media? Do his comments show us that he knows more than he claims?
The third hour, the sequel to NO GOODBYES: The Mysterious Disappearance of The McStay Family. NO REMORSE: The Murder of The Innocent McStay Family. A detailed look at the suspects in this case and possible motive that has never been fully explored. Are we looking at all the wrong people as suspects? Release date.
Read more

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Steph Watts Guest On Justice For McStays Show - Download Here

Thanks Steph for a great interview! 

We were able to hear him for 90 minutes, instead of just sound bites.  

Download show HERE

Gray Hughes Grave Site Tire Tracks Research Here

: HERE is the information found by Ada 
that shows the weather on and around February 4, 2010. It does also rain on the 9th and 10th but the trooper being found on the 8th matches the rain on the 6th and the burials being between the 6th and the 8th. Gray.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

This Person Understands

"This is the most admirable thing any one has done for this family. They do not have a proper memorial anywhere that the public knows about. 

The spot in the desert does not cut it with me and little Joey’s name is not Giuseppe. 

Post Mike McStay Media Quotes Here

Ok, Sunday night's show is set, or at least the first two hours.

Over the past four years, Mike McStay has given many interviews and has been quoted in the media often, probably hundreds of times. We have all heard that many of his quotes may not add up but have never really been able to compare them side-by-side. Until now.

Questions For Radio Show

Ask your questions about the case here. We will address them on Sunday night's show.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Reward Rescinded

Effective at 9:00am EST, on July 18, 2014, the $125,000 cash reward offered for information that leads to for an arrest and murder conviction for those responsible for killing the McStay family, has been rescinded.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

LE Getting Tips From 'WE TIP' and 'Crimestoppers'

From: ++++++++++++++
Sent: Wednesday, July 16, 2014 9:26 AM
To: Phillips, Charles
Subject: McStay Family Case

Dear Detective Phillips,

I am very concerned that the murderer(s) of the Joseph McStay family have not been apprehended. My son and his young family are stationed in the Navy in San Diego and I have great concerns that a person (or people) is (are) at large in the community with the capability and mental fortitude to murder toddlers and to annihilate an entire family. 

Join Us Sunday Night For The "Justice For The McStays" Radio Talk Show

I hope to have an ANON guest on the show, one who knows more about the case than I do. Still not set in stone that they will appear, will let you know later in the week.

Thanks for all those who participated in the first two shows.

The stats are great, as far as I am concerned. We have had 1,296 live listens and 871 downloads of the show after it has been archived, if I am reading the stats correctly.

The more publicity for this case the better so keep telling your friends about the show and please call in with your questions of input. We had 195 callers on the last show, but I think I only took about 50 calls. I think the stats are a bit skewed there, it appears that if someone calls, presses "1" to talk to me and then hangs up before I can get to their call, it is still logged as a "caller." I will try to get to more callers in the future and sorry so many have been on hold for so long.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mtg Tonight For Inscription For McStay Memorial Picnic Table

Sandra meets with the City Council tonight and we will know if the bench/picnic table is approved by 10p PST. Will post here the results and where we go from here.

Post as a comment what you would like to see as the inscription on the McStay Memorial Bench.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Justice For The McStays Radio Show Tonight 7-10p EST!

Tune in from 7-10p EST for the live broadcast.

Two guests tonight:

Gray Hughes will spend the first hour talking about his research into the mysterious tire tracks.

Sandra Jones will be on at 8p to talk about the McStay Memorial Bench at the San Clemente Pier.

Then, open lines for hour three.

Go to this LINK to listen to the show live if you are on a computer or smartphone.

Call this number to listen to the show live on your phone: 347-850-1629.  Press 1 if you want to talk on the show, otherwise just listen.

This is all about Justice for the McStay Family. Let's do our part.

Memorial Bench For McStays Coming To San Clemente Pier - SEE PICTURE

Can get a bench or picnic table...

Tune in at 8p EST tonight as Sandra Jones talks about this opportunity.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Gray Hughes Guest Sunday Night - Who Is He?

It is refreshing for me to actually get to know some of the people involved in this case. There are so many trolls surrounding the McStay tragedy and most of them go to great lengths to build their anon profiles with their expressed purpose of hurting anyone who disagrees with them. They are damaged goods.

Re-Stating My Purpose


  1. I guess I need to re-state my purpose here again. I appreciate your words of wisdom to me, but please understand that the only reason, the one-and-only reason that I am still on this case, maintaining this blog, hosting the radio show, putting up with so much grief from some, the only reason is to bring justice to the McStay family. I will no longer sit by and watch others purposely interfere with this goal, I don't care who they are. I am more serious about this case now than I ever have been. I will not be stopped from trying to reach this end. That said, if I appear harsh at times or unfiltered, this is why. The McStays need justice, and I am sick and tired of all the diversions that these people throw out there, from the extended family, to national media such as CNN, to law enforcement themselves. I am not going to stop until someone is convicted, period. And if I can find a way to get legal standing, (and I am working on this) I will sue Mike McStay to get the answers we all need. If Joey and his family have no one else to stand for them, then I guess it is me.

Friday, July 11, 2014

UPDATE: Something is Terribly Wrong With This Case

Update: 7-11: Something else that is terribly wrong with this case and really bothering me: Why have Patrick and Mike Mcstay not embraced the $125,000 cash reward? Every other family member on the face of this planet would. They never offered one dime from their own pockets to find their family. Let's give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they don't really believe I would ever pay out the cash as I have promised with a murder conviction. So what? Why should that matter to them? I am the one who would be sued. Plus, these two are not angels. Much of their lives (especially Mike's) have been spent on the edge of criminal activity. Why would they care whether or not I would ever pay? They are not responsible, so why are they not pushing this reward? Wait, they are not only not supporting it, they are condemning it. Why? Why wouldn't they use this as a great tool to find the killer? Unless, they don't want the killer found?

Stop With The "They are Trained Professionals and Are Better Than We Are" Crap

Law enforcement’s job is to protect and serve the public, not inform the public of every detail of a case. This is a high profile murder investigation people, of course law enforcement isn’t going to tell us anything, they have to protect the info they have. Personally I think people need to STOP CONTACTING them and bothering them unless you have an actual tip that could lead to solving the case.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Were The Bodies Buried in Victorville Because They Were Going To Add Chase To The Third Grave?

Many have thought that Chase was either involved in the murders, (because he lived near the grave sites) or that someone was trying to frame Chase.

But, what if the last phone call that came from Joey's phone, the one that Chase did not answer, was a call to get chase out of the house because he was to be killed and buried in the third grave at the site?

Maybe this is why Victorville was chosen as the burial site? Because Chase was already in the area?

Just a thought.